What is beige + bright?

We want you to find your inner peace here for yourself and your furkids.
What is beige + bright?

"Beige" is a colour represents calm and peace, it is also the colour of our first dog Boobee, a very gentle boy that is irreplaceable and furever holds a special place in our heart. Boobee was our joy while his little sister Apple was the one has brought us brightness and laughs in many ways. This brand is named after our heart dogs and we want to remind everyone to find their inner peace with simple things.

What can you find here?

At beige + bright, we carry slow living brands that are for both hooman and pets. We will also have different collaborations and activities, stay tuned with us!

Collaboration, anything fun!

We are keen to work with different brands and products for event and collaboration, contact us if you wish to partner with us for any joint activities!