FAWN // Paracord collar
FAWN // Paracord collar
FAWN // Paracord collar

FAWN // Paracord collar

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FAWN features a tightly woven paracord weave at 1¼" or 3cm width. This collar is designed for M+ size pups and is our flattest and sturdiest weave. The weave is slightly thicker than the other weaves in style and is great for those with a thick neck floof. 

Paracord is marked by its lightweight and strong qualities. When woven together, it creates a strong part that is extremely sturdy, resistant to rot, mildew and durable. 

The woven paracord part works just like a padding to absorb shock when the collar is pulled. Together with its lightness, our collars offer a comfortable wear both at rest and during training. 

• unlike our other collars made with a continuous paracord, this collar is made with three long cords and the burnt ends are hidden in the back side of the collar
• waterproof adjustment belt (in black) + water resistant paracord
• rust resistant solid rings
• each collar is hand woven and each might be slightly different from another
• we currently only offer two sizes in this design

Please measure according to our instructions for the most accurate size. We do not accept exchanges for a mistaken size due to wrong or old measurements. In other cases except for wrong/ defective products, exchanges will incur shipping cost both ways for the buyer.

Collar sizes are noted in terms of the interior width for the neck and not the total length of the collar. Please note that as all collars are handmade, a small deviation in length of 1/2 inch or 1.25 cm for collar are considered acceptable. If you are unsure or if the measurement of your pet is between sizes, feel free to email/ dm us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Hand wash or wipe down with a damp towel regularly
Soak with medium strength detergent when more dirt is involved