MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover
MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover
MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover
MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover
MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover
MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover
MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover

MAATIN low rise bed + reversible cover

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MAATIN is a low rise dog bed designed to balance the sense of security that a bolster bed offers while providing the freedom for those who love to sleep fully stretched out. The liner is filled with EPP beans on the sides for a supportive cushioning and to keep the bed in shape for years to come. With the memory foam core infused with cool-gels, the heat from the body of your pooch is redistributed and you can always further adjust how much warmth to provide by a simple flip of the bed!

[Please note that this is a pre-order item, see dispatch times and shipping policy below.] 

Inspired by the welcoming sensation of restfulness that quilts bring, we made it a key feature to bring comfort and warmth to your pet. The handcrafted cotton quilts we used are made with 100% Grade A cotton for human babies and are imported from Korea. The classic narrow stripe design not only recalls the endearing quilts for babies, but also offers extra ventilation between the thicker cotton batting. We have pre-washed our quilts to add texture and softness.

The opposite side of the bed is made with our custom fabric Lannel — a high performance modern material that combines function + comfort. It is:

• SHOWERPROOF to block out liquids and oils
• EXTREMELY BREATHABLE with a micro porous surface
• STRONG + DURABLE with tightly woven fine nylon infused fibers 

Simply remove the cover, zip it close and throw it in the washer and line dry to make the bed look brand new again! The Lannel is also wipeable for daily cleaning.

The EPP + memory foam core insert for the MAATIN bed features a low rise supportive design. The design is meant for those who loves to sleep close to the floor and it is thinner than average on purpose for its relaxed and non-couch like appearance. The low rise form also makes it easy for MAATIN to be used on an elevated bed or inside a crate. It measures 2-5 inches above ground depending on size and with an organic height created by the the resting position of your pooch on the beans. If you would like alternative inserts or to stuff the bed with used linens, we suggest you to get the cover on its own over in the other listing.

small - 
up to 7kg or 15lbs
medium - 
up to 13kg or 28lbs
large - 
up to 28kg or 60lbs

Sizing are provided here for reference only, we suggest you to also measure the length of your pup and consider the best size according to the usual sleeping positions. When in doubt, we recommend you to size up! You can always reach out to us to double check as well.

As always, we ask you to measure twice and order once.

We suggest you to supervise your pet when first introducing the bed and allow your dog to dig on the Lannel side of the bed instead of the verso. Afterall, not dog products are indestructible, the quilt covers are made for comfort and sturdily with a hidden zipper, but we do not recommend this product if your pup has an existing tendency to be rough with his/her bed.