Venison Tripe Chunks - Value Pack
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Venison Tripe Chunks - Value Pack

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This air-dried venison tripe is the powerhouse of nutrition! Bursting with beneficial enzymes, minerals, fatty acids and prebiotics.  Venison is an excellent alternative protein for allergy-prone dogs.

Tripe is carnivore's superfood and promotes good digestion and a happy gut! Dog loves the smell of tripe. These are great for chewing and can be cut into smaller pieces for high reward training treats or meal booster (good for variety!) . Great for raw feeder who needs tripe to be part of a well balanced raw food diet as they are packed with manganese!

Size: 270g 

Ingredients: 100% Venison Tripe, Made and locally sourced in New Zealand.

Always supervise your pet when having chews and treats!